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my novel needs a title



It saddens me to know that despite having an awesome plot layout sitting right in front of me, and all the tools I need at a finger tip, I still have no creative motivation to type the words. For that mater the words aren't in my head.
Where did my muse go?


Final Portfolio

I had to revise my 5 poems for my Creative Writing class... thought I'd share the "finished" products.

Poem #1Collapse )

Poem #2Collapse )

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Poem #5 - SonnetCollapse )

Well, thats that, I hope you like the more so final product. :-p

my long and lonely star

My star it hangs
so far away
out of reach to all
but my heart
my heart can reach it
my heart can grab it
my heart can get my star
but my heart can get hurt
a star can burn out
fuzzle up
die away
so what then happens to my heart
if my star goes away
it gets ripped apart
and left behind
forgotten about
my heart it was
that could reach
is so suseptable to the ache
and after effect
I want my star closer
but that means losing more of my heart
give and take
and give and take
It hurts a little
at every doubt
fear rushes in
and trys to clot
hurt that isn't really there
just the pesimisum that comes first
the what ifs
and please nos
my heart backs away
in preporation
for that day
when the little fears
might come true
and I might lose you
my bright and shinging star

The end...

more re-dos

Re-dos (not quite revisions)